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Hey you guys, I try this post completely in English, German readers, let me know if that's a problem for you!!!!
I wanted to share with you, what I like in the Internet right now...
Lia was sick... so I had a lot of time on my hands, sitting on her bed and just being there is hard for me... I like to DO stuff, so I surfed the net and thought... lets share it with you out there! PLEASE, let me know, what you think about it...

1) Trees, baby!
 I want a tree exactly like this one. I love everything about it. In fact... for the kids really love more color... I am thinking about having two trees. A luxury, I know... but I loooove that one! And the kids love their red/white... The only other possibilty would be to split the tree and decorate it on one side in red on the other in white... I am not sure if that would look good at all...

2.) The reason for christmas
I am thinking about including more things to my decoration that has something to do with the origin of christmas. I love the deers and everything... but Christmas has a lot to do with Jesus and I would love to show that in my decorations as well. That one, but nicer?! I have to think more about it...

3.) Baking
 I cannot wait to bake my favorite, Hildabrötchen... For me, there is no need for any other kind of cookies. One Hildabrötchen a day... makes me soooo happy!
But then I found  those beauties and I am seriously considering trying those. (I am afraid it won't work out so well, but what the ....)
 And I love Gingerbreadhouses, too... Hm... Ikea doesnt have them this year... maybe try on my own? 

4.) My hair
I had long hair for a long time, now, more than five years, I think, and I am reeeeally reconsidering the pixie... I had it... some time after Lias birth and I loved it... It would be quite a change, I know... 
... but I pinned that hairstyle three times already... I am sure, that means something...

5.) Dresses for the girls
I love that dress... mabe more for Elsie, than for Lia... and they really still love to wear the same dress. Last year we had the same theme (gold/beige/white) and that worked out really well. Maybe this year we work the beige/greige:D
The bow is soooo cute!
and the rustic shoes go sooo well with lace and everything. Need. to. do. that!.

6.) I wanna party outside
 One time this year I want to have a meal outside on a table like this. It is just DREAMY!.

7.) Home Decor
I've loved the fake fur last year but did not buy it... sooo expensive... I don't know, if that was a mistake alltogether... It is sooo nice!

 We own very similar chairs... maybe I need to get the wings?

8.) Paper love

 Some time I will have to work with paper, maybe today? That minibook is so inspiring!

And just because it is sooo beautiful:

 But enough about me, how have you been?

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  1. I loved your shot it!!

  2. The haircut is really ADORABLE! Come on, a little change?! Tonya